Software Testing

CIYA Technologies offers specialized automated and manual Software Testing Services such as Functionality, Performance (Reliability, Availability, Stress, Load and Volume), Security (Application and Network) and Usability. We host an Independent Software Testing Solutions division with over 40 employees fully certified and trained with vast experience in using Industry-Leading Testing Tools and Technologies.


We execute different Testing Tasks beginning from the last minute testing of a release to complete QA Outsourcing and Testing Turnkey Solutions. CIYA Technologies  has been carrying out high Quality, cost-effective Software Testing projects for a wide range of enterprises and industrial domains from across the Globe.

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All QA Testing Services

Mobile Testing

The professionals at CIYA Technologies have the experience and expertise to provide you with the most reliable mobile testing services available. Mobi
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Localization Testing

Localization Testing checks a solution’s interface and the precision of its work within a localized country and language-specific environment. W
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Functional testing

Functional testing is primarily is used to verify that a piece of software is providing the same output as required by the end-user or business. Typic
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Automated Testing

(Selenium, Appium, QTP, SauceLabs) We help our clients apply best practices and overcome challenges in test automation to achieve the optimum return o
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